To do with personal space & writing

Sometime you have so many things in mind that you need to write, talk, share with people or may be yourself. And you don’t do it.

Well, similar has been the case with me.

I have been thinking and pondering about the idea of writing my own blog. Even though I had an old blog which went dodo “extinct” but then I never wanted to restart my blogging experience there.

It was on the commercial side. May be seen by everyone. And may be I just didn’t resonate with the content previously posted on that blog.

This new space is just for my personal writing. More on the lines of daily journaling. (PS. BTW, I do write daily journaling, I write 10x journaling, which I will talk about in my future post may be.)

So, here it is. A 30 day challenge to myself. To start writing blog again. Write a blog self-expressing my day to day thoughts, my epiphany moments, my life experience, and things on the personal side and things like that.

P.S. This might sound boring to you. But, heck. I am just writing to get a better version of myself with the way of writing myself hearts out. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I will writing it. 

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